The 5-step FrontlineSync connection checklist


Is the Android phone battery charged?

A common problem when the Android phone that is running FrontlineSync is located separate to the support team.

Tip: always keep the phone plugged into the mains


Does the phone have data credit or a wifi connection?

In order for the Android to sync SMS and Missed Calls to Frontline it must have a connection to the internet so that it can 'see' Frontline.  This can be over Wifi or 3G.

Tip: have 3G data as a backup for intermittent wifi connections and disable your phone's power management


Is there airtime credit available to send SMS?

Another simple but common problem that is hard for FrontlineCloud to pick up automatically.  Sending SMS out will drain the airtime which will eventually run out if not closely managed.

Tip: subscribe to an 'SMS bundle' on your local network and have it auto top up if possible.


Has the Android app FrontlineSync crashed?

FrontlineSync is an Android app that needs to run constantly in the background on the phone.  Occasionally any Android app can crash.  Check that the FrontlineSync app is still running and is switched ON in Settings/Options.

Tip: simply check that the FrontlineSync logo is still in the top tray of the Android phone.

5. 05_SIM.png

Is your SIM card active?

Sometimes Mobile Network Operators may deactivate a SIM card for multiple reasons. This means that no calls or messages can be received or sent using that SIM card.

Tip: check that you can make a call and/or send a message to that phone number without using FrontlineSMS.


 Just getting started then see our document on how to connect your Android phone to Frontline.

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