Help with Device Support for FrontlineSync

On rare occasions, you may encounter issues when using FrontlineSync on your Android device. Most issues can be resolved as explained in the links below:

  • First, ensure you've properly set up FrontlineSync on your Android device by following the instructions to create a FrontlineSync connection and use an Android phone as a gateway modem
  • If you have problems sending out many messages using FrontlineSync from your Android phone, this might be as a result of SMS sending limits with FrontlineSync and Android
  • An intermittent FrontlineSync connection could result in messages and missed calls not being synced. Troubleshoot your connection by checking out the steps and following the tips in the 5-step FrontlineSync connection check-list
  • If you are using a dual sim phone and are experiencing problems sending out messages, the problem could be that FrontlineSync is unable to select the SIM to use for sending SMS. Go to your android setting and click on SIM management or SIM cards depending on your android version. On the SIM Management page click SMS messages then choose the preferred SIM.
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