Recipe Builder : Gotchas

A listing of Flang and Recipe Building gotchas that Recipe Builders should be aware of. It will save you lots of trouble.

Editing triggered recipes changes the order of actions in the calling recipe (Will be fixed by TOOLS-1987)

If you are editing a Recipe that is triggered by other recipes, saving that recipe has some side effects that we need to be aware of.

Each triggered recipe has a linked TriggerRecipeAction in the calling recipe. The calling recipe maintains an order of actions and else action. Recipe execution follows this order. Saving a triggered recipe moves it to the bottom of the list of actions or else action in the calling recipe.


If the order of actions was central to how the recipe (and collection at large) works, then this will be a problem. For example, a recipe builder may intend to trigger another recipe only when certain changes have been done. If the order of triggered recipe actions changes, then the activity will not respond as expected.

Solution (until TOOLS-1987 is implemented)

  1. (Recommended) When all recipes have been linked, go back and re-save the triggered recipes in the order you would want them triggered. The last saved recipe will be last in the queue.
  2. (Hack) From the calling recipe you can, using Google's Chrome inspect element feature, move the specific actions to the proper ordered location (respective to the other actions or else actions). This is a hack and could go wrong. Care needs to be taken. Use this when you have crazy recipe looping going on.
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