Frontline API Custom Payload

The Frontline API feature allows any abstract JSON payload to be sent into the app for processing by Activities. This means that other services can post JSON into FrontlineCloud and FrontlieCloud can use that data in its recipe engine to evaluate rules and trigger actions.

Note. If the intent of sending in JSON into FrontlineCloud is to send out messages using the API to SMS Activity then read this documentation.

Otherwise, FrontlineCloud will receive any JSON payload and make it available in


The recipe builder can access all the needed values from this object.


  • The payload sent into FrontlineCloud must be valid JSON
  • The Frontline API key must be set in the query string as follows$apiKey. This is the url that an external app needs to post JSON to.


FrontlineCloud will respond with appropriate errors when the apiKey or payload is missing and when the apiKey is not a valid.


FrontlineCloud checks for the API key in the query string as described above, otherwise, it checks in the JSON payload for a property named apiKey.

    "apiKey" : "123123",
    "payload": {
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